A Prescription For Valentine's Day

There are few things worse than chasing down the elusive Perfect Valentine’s Day only to have expectations dashed. But with a little planning (and some help from Alexa’s Botanicals) you can deliver big for your someone special – even if that someone special is you 😉.

Our suggestion? A cozy dinner, followed by a luxurious bath with Lizzie Bath Salts and intimate massage with Adam & Eve Massage Oil. Order both and we'll give you 20% off the every day price! 

We promise it will be better than booking a spot at your gym’s spa, and you’ll earn romance points you can live off for weeks to come. But like we said, you can’t wing it last minute. Page down for a Valentine’s Day Checklist to help you pull it off.

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Valentine's Day Promo

Valentine's Day Promo

The perfect ingredients for an intimate Valentine's Day! Lizzie's Bath Salts and Adam & Eve massage oil.
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Lizzie Bath Salts

Pamper yourself with Lizzie handcrafted bath salts. Infused with CBD and a delicate blend of roses and lavender, essential oils and skin-nourishing minerals, you’ll leave the tub feeling radiant and peaceful.  


Formulated to reduce the pain and swelling associated with sore muscles and joints.

Valentine's Day Checklist

Do Now:
Go to Alexa’s Botanicals and order our Valentine’s Day special. Order now to ensure it arrives on time. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Do Today:
If you want to eat at your favorite restaurant, give them a call. Reservations can go quickly at popular spots. And don’t forget to ask about the menu; sometimes restaurants set fixed menus and seating times for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Do February 14th:

1. Commence the countdown: A great night doesn’t begin at 6 PM. Anticipation is a real aphrodisiac. Send a text or call to let them know you’re looking forward to spending the evening together.

2. Get the goods: If you didn’t get that prime reservation, use your lunch hour to pick up something special for dinner. Don’t leave it to GrubHub or you risk winding up with cold miso soup and tuna rolls without the wasabi on the side, and no one wants that. Got out of work with a few minutes to spare? Pick up some flowers. Oh, and get a bottle of the wine you loved when you went to that place that time.

3. Do the work: Set the table, with the real napkins and everything. Make sure the bed is made and the bathroom is clean – the tub too. Lay out your robes and put fresh towels on the rack. Put the bottle of Adam & Eve on the nightstand and the Lizzie Bath Salts by the tub.

4. Set the mood: Put on some music. Siri can hook you up if you don’t have a playlist. Open the wine. Light a candle or two…or more. It may sound corny, but trust us, it works.

5. Disconnect to connect: Turn off your phones. Have a real conversation. Enjoy the food, the wine, the company. Be your best self. Re-tell those stories you love and be glad that you’re together.

6. Get ready for fun: Run the water going for the tub. But don’t fill it too much – remember there will be two of you in there. And use fairly hot water so it will be just right when you’re ready to get in. Now’s the time to add the Lizzie Bath Salts – they’ll get rid of any lingering stress and get you ready for bed.  

7. Time to turn in: We’ll let you take it from here. Whether you’re ready for more excitement, or just happy to snuggle in together for a great night’s sleep, hopefully this Valentine’s Day will live up to your expectations